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Royale FAR InfraRED Sauna was first launched in 2007 in India by Er. Anil Ji Garg, an early age computer engineer (1981 from MNNIT), MBA;who decided to stay & serve his country with innovative products and service in area of Computers, telecom (Airtel First franchisee), IMT`s Distance Education for Management skills among engineers, Investment & Project consultancy for Chinese companies for setting up electronics manufacturing both for mobile & EV projects.Royale FAR InfraRED Saunais our passionate product in this line & it completely transformed the life of Indian users for the purpose they used it. We have more than 450 Indian successful feedbacks. Our main aim is to educate on Effectiveness of FAR Infrared rays for treating various critical body ailments. Please read our various articles.

Infrared Sauna


The idea for introducing Royale FAR InfraRED Sauna to Indian market was mainly due to the increase of lifestyle deceases like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Weight gain, Variety of pain etc. The fundamental cause for all these problem is increase in Toxin in human body due to unhealthy diet & high atmospheric pollution mainly in major town. We have seen increased awareness of fitness & Infrared sauna gives a very natural way to live healthy life in amazing easy and safe way. The InfraRED Rays works on the cleansing principal goes deep inside (1.5 inches) in your body and takes out all the harmful toxics thru excessive sweating & reduce pressure on heart. It improves the blood circulation & built immunity which also helps in fighting germs, infections, viruses etc. The product is completely safe & can be used by any age group.

  • 2-3 times

    Sweat volume of traditional heat and steam saunas

  • 7 times

    More effwctivw at detoxifying body impurities

  • 93%

    Infrared Heat Absorbed by the body for enhanced benefits

  • 450C

    Average temperature ensuring dry, gentle and radiant heat