Deep Penetrative Infrared Heating

Far Infrared Radiations are experienced as the heating component of the natural sunlight. Far Infrared is a completely safe form of natural light energy and essential for all living things. Infrared Radiation is shown to induce 2-3 times the sweat volume of traditional heat and steam saunas, with a lot less discomfort, and the sweat contains more toxins from the deeper fatty tissue layers below the skin.

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Unlimited Health Benefits

A 20 minute session of Royale Far Infrared Sauna induces profuse sweating and detoxifies the body promoting relaxation and comfort. Besides, it also offers a number of health benefits such as boosting blood circulation, weight loss, relieves muscle and joint pains, acne, eczema, and reduces cellulites

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State of the Art Design

Royale Far Infrared Sauna is easy to assemble and operate. With exteriors made of specially-designed heat-resistant Canadian Hemlock wood and an elegant clear glass door, Royale Far Infrared Sauna blends easily with its surroundings like a smart piece of furniture giving a rich and aesthetically pleasing look. The saunas are modular and clip together making assembly (and dismantling) very simple. All the cabins simply plug into a standard household plug socket. With power consumption as low as 1.7 KWH (2 person model), you can be assured of an economic rejuvenation.

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Maximize Health Benefits with Regular Use

A perfectly healthy person is recommended to use Royale Far Infrared Sauna at least 2-3 times a week for maximum therapeutic benefits. At the start, start with once or twice per week and for only 10 to 15 minutes maximum. As you increase your comfort level in the infrared sauna, you may increase the time and frequency of use. However, the duration of a sauna session should be maximum limited to 40 minutes. In case of any previous medical ailment, a prior consultation with a doctor is advised. Please check the precautions in the below link.

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