Benefits of Infrared Sauna


Royale Infrared Sauna as Cellulite Remedy

Everyone knows that dimples are cute on babies. But ask any woman whether she thinks the dimples associated with cellulite are cute, and you're likely to get a very different answer.

Cellulite is the body's natural way of storing fat in post-adolescent women to ensure that the body has enough calories available for pregnancy and lactation.

Almost all women who are not severely malnourished have cellulite.

Anti cellulite creams and lotions are big business. There are a lot of companies that aggressively market cellulite reducing products and you can find thousands of web pages about cellulite treatment.

Some well-known cellulite causes are:

  1. Smoking
  2. Alcohol
  3. tight garments
  4. genetic and hormonal factors
  5. poor blood circulation


Stimulating your blood circulation is a good way to start cellulite reduction, no matter what cellulite remedy you choose.

You can:

  1. work-out or exercise
  2. dry-brush your skin
  3. get a massage


Of course an Infrared Sauna Cabin is also an interesting way to stimulate blood circulation. Plus, the infrared heat penetrates deep enough into your body to start liquefying the subcutaneous fat, so that it gets released via the sweat.

Your body tissue heats up. This heat causes increased sweat-gland activity and dilatation in capillaries, thus promoting blood circulation.

One liter of sweat in an ordinary sauna contains approximately 3% toxins, in an infrared sauna this is 20% ! Analysis of sweat in an infrared sauna :

  1. 80 to 85% water
  2. Fat (!)
  3. Cholesterol
  4. Acids
  5. Natrium
  6. Ammoniac
  7. Heavy metals : lead – cadmium – nickel – copper – sodium


Manu people reported cellulite reduction and smoothened skin by regularly using an infra red sauna.